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Ways To Get Hired With A Good Resume

Ways To Get Hired With A Good Resume

Looking For A Job? Don’t Miss These Definite Ways To Get Hired

The number of applicants is always more than the number of jobs available. In this scenario, the only way to make it through is to get noticed and to stand out from the crowd. Let us look at few factors which will go a long way in boosting your chances of getting selected and acing that interview.

The Right Company

As long as you are sure about the area in which you want to pursue a career, find a company which you feel is the right match for your aim, objectives and skill sets. The company should obviously be doing well in its area. Gather all the relevant information about them. Make yourself aware of the latest happenings in the company and how it has been doing in the market. Based on these findings, decide if you want to work for the company or not.

The Application

The next step is, naturally, applying to the company. Irrespective of whether the company is hiring or not, you can always forward your resume to the hiring department. Above all, make it very clear why you want to work for that specific company. Mention the factors which compel you to want to work for them. You can mention a project they are working on, or if you have any ideas which can be implemented for the sake of value addition in the company.

The Interview

Prepare yourself well in advance for the interview. Get all your facts right and be ready to answer any question that may come your way. Most importantly, do not try to lie or bluff your way through. Feel free to ask any questions of your own that you may have.

Social Networks

Social networking is an effective tool to market your abilities in today’s world. Post your resume on various job sites and keep your LinkedIn profile regularly updated. Companies often tend to scout online profiles for prospective employees and you don’t want to be overlooked when this happens.


Keep your contact with the relevant people. Ask your friends in different organisations to notify you about openings specific to your area of work. This is where your contacts will come in handy. It will give you an edge over other applicants as you will be among the earliest to apply. 

Things That Define A Killer Resume

Your resume is the most important document you will ever own. A resume is often the first point of contact between you and your next employer. When you have a well-written professional resume, your chances are much higher of getting shortlisted, also nothing can beat your chances of getting a job if you have a killer resume that shows off your education, skills and experience well. Here are 10 things that define a killer resume:

Your Resume Isn’t About You

It’s about how you fit the employer’s job requirements. Always organise and select your most relevant accomplishments, skills, and experiences for the position. The most effective resumes are clearly focused on a specific job title and address the employer‘s stated needs.

Your Resume Must Sell You In Seconds

Show how you contribute to the position at a glance. Your resume is a failure if the employer doesn’t instantly see you have what it takes.

Your Resume Is A Marketing Tool, Not A Personal Document

Sell yourself, not your life story. Leave the personal stuff off your resume and focus on the skills that sizzle.

Your Resume Should Highlight Your Accomplishments

Your resume highlights your accomplishments, not job duties or descriptions. Write your resume to emphasise what you did well, not what your duties entailed.

Your Resume Must Focus On Your Future, Not Your Past

Don’t become a historian by documenting your life in routine format.

Your Resume Should Show Skills You Enjoy

Your resume shows the skills you enjoy, not skills you have to use. Why focus on the stuff you don’t want to do? Highlight the skills you love!

Your Resume Is Not Confessional

You don’t have to tell all. Who cares if you were on sick leave with 2 kids to feed. Stick to what’s relevant, important, and marketable.

Your Resume Must List The Important Facts First

Hiring teams will not stick around to find how the story ends.

Your Resume Must Be Free From Grammatical Errors

Your resume must be free from grammatical and typographical errors. Get someone to review and edit your resume before you apply to the job.

Your Resume Must Have A Clean Layout

No one wants to read a garbled mess. If you can’t design your own layout, start with a template. A killer resume increases the employer‘s interest enough to land you a job interview. That’s it. A resume‘s purpose is to get your foot in the door and take you to the next step. Hopefully, your next step won’t be to the dreaded paper shredder. 


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